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Social Skills Summer Program

June 19th - August 4th 2023

Presented by TALK ABA, Inc.

Youth Social Skills

Focused social skills intervention programs for students from 1st to 12th grade

*Young adults would also be considered*

Program is 2 hours, twice a week

Assessments take place the week of June 12th, 2023

Spaces are limited! Call or email to get more info!

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Summer Booster Sessions

June 12th - August 11th 2023

Presented by The TALK Team

Speech & Language Therapy

Along with our Summer Booster sessions, we are also offering Summer Only sessions for those who do not have an IEP or IFSP and would still like to receive summer sessions. We are offering eight 30-minute sessions or eight 60-minute sessions.

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ABA Summer Series

June 12th - July 20th 2023

Presented by TALK ABA, Inc.

Parent Training Series

Topics covered are aimed at helping caregivers to gain confidence with managing challenging behaviors while also learning how to teach new skills!

  • Basic of Behavior

  • Prompting Strategies

  • Reinforcement Strategies

  • Managing Challenging Behaviors

  • Increasing Independence with Self-Help Skills

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Potty Training Bootcamp

June 20th - July 29th 2023

Presented by TALK ABA, Inc.

Are you struggling or nervous about potty training?

Join our group class to learn fundamentals of potty training alongside other caregivers or sign up for an individual guidance course to get specific feedback for your potty training journey!

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